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Typhoon Haiyan strikes the center of the Philippines, but not Manila

November 10, 2013 | By |

Philippines Typhoon

Haiyan struck on Friday Nov. 8. It was one of the most violent storms ever to strike the Philippines, causing considerable damages. Some towns, like Tacloban, were wiped out. Thousands of people died and more than ten millions have been displaced… with a final tally ongoing.

The typhoon didn’t strike Manila nor the different programs of the foundation, but ANAK is without words over this overwhelming disaster. The regions of Samar and Leyte, in the center of the Philippines, have been completely devastated. Samar is the poorest part of the Philippines, and many children of the foundation were born there. Our thoughts are for all the victims of the catastrophe, who have lost everything. We warmly thank all of you for your supportive messages… The “Smiling Archipelago” mourns

Unfortunately, ANAK cannot collect donations for the victims of the typhoon. We advise you to contact the French NGO Enfants du Mékong which has been working in South-East Asia since 1958 and supports our foundation here in Manila thanks to a collective patronage. Enfants du Mékong was on site and its teams located in Cebu are working on an estimation of the damages in the various isles of the archipelago. As a non-emergency NGO, Enfants du Mékong is already preparing the second step: reconstruction and a sponsorship programme of kids.

The massive media coverage of the situation on the ground has waned but this is just the beginning for us. Within a few months, thousands of families and orphans will travel to Manila with no shelter but the townships or the streets of this huge city. Our role is key.

Click here to see images of the typhoon’s devastation

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