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2013 December

December 8th: Christmas fair at Marymount

December 23, 2013 | By |

2013 12 photoANAK-Tnk volunteers in Singapore organised a Christmas fair at Marymount Chapel on December 8th.They were selling Rev.Fr Matthew Dauchez’s book “Mendiants d’Amour”, bracelets and key ring made by the young handicapped adults in Manila, and some sweets.

1130 Singapore dollars were collected. Thank you so much!

The book “Mendiants d’Amour” will soon be available in English (“Begging for love”)

The team is eager to help the Association and do more in Singapore. Alix, a volunteer, says “Don’t forget great oaks from little acorns grow”!

For Christmas let’s offer a new van to the Foundation!

December 3, 2013 | By |


ANAK-Tnk Switzerland has lannched a fund raising campaign for Christmas: “For Xmas this year let’s offer the children…a new van!”

Two vans need to be urgently replaced. A fund raising campaign has been launched to finance one van and keep the children safe.

Thanks to your generosity, volunteers in Switzerland were able to raise the 9000€ !