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2014 January

Feb. 14, 15 & 16: Events and conferences with ANAK-Tnk Singapour

January 10, 2014 | By |

IMG_0063Invited by the ANAK-Tnk volunteers in Singapore, Pascal Breton, ANAK-Tnk president, Rev.Fr.Matthieu Dauchez, TNK Executive Director and Alexandra Chapeleau, communication manager, were in Singapore last February 14 & 15.

Various events has been organized to welcome them and help them to promote the foundation in Singapore:

Friday 14 at 6.30pmPictures exhibition opening in Leica’s gallery (Raffle’s) with sale of pictures to the benefit of TNK.

Friday 14 at 8.30pm: Conference in french by Rev. Fr.Matthieu Dauchez « Le prodigieux mystère de la joie ». Venue: Glass Hall de Saint Joseph’s Institution International School – 490 Thomson Road – Singapore 298191

Saturday, 15 at 5.00pm: Conference « 15 years of service among the poorest of the poorest », by Rev. Fr.Matthieu Dauchez & Alexandra Chapeleau. Venue: Glass Hall de Saint Joseph’s Institution International School – 490 Thomson Road – Singapore 298191

If you want to get in touch with ANAK-Tnk Singapore volunteers, you can contact Alexis de Laporte:


Christmas miracle …

January 9, 2014 | By |

Jérémy retaillé

Each and every child of the foundation has a painful history; wounds are hard, if not impossible, to dress… Here is an example with Jeremy, 14 years old: “What happened to your hands?” asked the foundation’s educators, finding Jeremy asleep on a cardboard in the street, as they were marauding in the city, in 2010. Just because he stole a few pesos from his mother, Jeremy’s hands were severely burnt in a pot à boiling water… his mother herself inflicted this punishment.

After a few months spent in the foundation, Jeremy recovered from his burns and gained remarkable maturity and kindness. Hi forgave his mother, who asked him forgiveness. Jeremy still lives in the foundation. When it came to perform further surgery on his hands in December, his mother insisted on paying part of the surgical operation, without leaving Jeremy’s side during hospitalization. The surgical operation took place on December 24th. Even if stigma are and will stay all life long, the presence and the forgiveness of Jeremy’s mother are the essential ways to dress his wounds…

2013 year in review

January 9, 2014 | By |

P1090167Thanks to the continuous enthusiasm of volunteers from ANAK-Tnk and the presence of French journalists from SEPT À HUIT (TF1) in Manila, in March, the children benefit from the positive effects of those actions: earlier this year, part of the landfill was restored. A new vehicle was bought for everyday transportation of the children benefiting from the programme “Disabled children”.
Most of all, your generosity allows us to bring an ongoing assistance to 1,300 children in 24 centres. Needs are growing and our responsibility towards these children is immeasurable. The aim is to give assistance in the long term. Exciting ANAK-Tnk events marking 2013 form part of this objective: broadcast report on TF1 in March, heroes racing in June, Parisian afterwork party in October, Abbé Matthieu Dauchez’s conferences/meetings in October, Chesnay annual yard sale in November, Christmas markets…

As we begin the New Year, we want to wholeheartedly thank donors and volunteers from France and from all over the world who mobilize to support our actions: Singapore, London, Swiss, and USA. This New Year will probably see these international branches growing… to further improve our action, to help more children and to address together new emergencies…