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Christmas miracle …

January 9, 2014 | By |

Jérémy retaillé

Each and every child of the foundation has a painful history; wounds are hard, if not impossible, to dress… Here is an example with Jeremy, 14 years old: “What happened to your hands?” asked the foundation’s educators, finding Jeremy asleep on a cardboard in the street, as they were marauding in the city, in 2010. Just because he stole a few pesos from his mother, Jeremy’s hands were severely burnt in a pot à boiling water… his mother herself inflicted this punishment.

After a few months spent in the foundation, Jeremy recovered from his burns and gained remarkable maturity and kindness. Hi forgave his mother, who asked him forgiveness. Jeremy still lives in the foundation. When it came to perform further surgery on his hands in December, his mother insisted on paying part of the surgical operation, without leaving Jeremy’s side during hospitalization. The surgical operation took place on December 24th. Even if stigma are and will stay all life long, the presence and the forgiveness of Jeremy’s mother are the essential ways to dress his wounds…