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Unexpected demolition… Scavengers leave Smokey Mountain

May 14, 2014 | By |

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAn unexpected disruption and in front of which we feel very powerless has just struck the activity of this month of May 2014. Indeed, threats of expulsion that weighed upon families of the Smoky Mountain have just started to be applied: the ground of the slum is being emptied of its occupiers.

After 11 years of services to the scavengers, we are now expulsed of this huge rubbish dump. A place of “relocation” in the suburbs of the city has been offered as compensation to the families, but these places without life or jobs are never an actual solution on the long term of practice. Very often the streets of the capital will become their only refuge.

John-Paul and his aunts, which many have known through the documentary broadcasted on the French TV channel TF1 last year will join members of their family in North Manila, at Bulacan. These are some of the members that have been able to find a convenient solution to this new misfortune.

Our vocation being to help by all means the poorest amongst them, Anak-TNK is trying as much as possible to assist these unfortunate families and to find how to continue the work undertaken for so many years by the scavengers of Manila.

The new little centre that we have opened at Aroma, a neighbour slum to the rubbish dump, will be temporarily used as a base used to allow the volunteers of the foundation to continue their undertaken actions during the wait of being able to reconstruct a new centre somewhere else…. These children and these impoverished families deserve it so much….