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Transfers in Residential Homes

May 28, 2014 | By |

GE DIGITAL CAMERAMay is an important month for the girls and boys who have been living in the two Drop-in centers for the last few months. Indeed, after a long period living in these Drop-in in order to find a certain stability after their life in the streets (bridge classes, individual treatments, … ) they moved to the normal residential homes of the foundation just after the summer camp that has just taken place.

This is a very important step for these children who try to find a new pathway after their lives in the streets. Not only have they managed to acquire a certain stability, but they have mainly been able to return to the normal school system for the start of the next school year which will take place in June in Manila. This is a very joyful step for them but also for the employees of the foundation to see them move on considering the injuries of the past.