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Pope Francis pays a surprise visit to the Foundation !

January 16, 2015 | By |

photoCPJanuary 16th:… Euphoria! After celebrating Mass in Manila’s cathedral, Pope Francis came through the doors of Anak-Tnk fondation to surprise more than 300 street children who all exulted in jubilation!
« Those children, the poorest among the poor are for sure the most vulnerable victims of our society. But they remain masters of joy, as one can see on their smiling faces. » Rev.Fr. Matthieu Dauchez, priest and Director of the Foundation, said with emotion to the Holy Father.

Pope Francis is tirelessly reminding us the need to listen to the poor. This visit to many children who faced horrors of the street, like begging, violence, drugs, prostitution reminding us, once again that he is the Pope of the forgotten. « This is awesome… he gave me a huge warm hug! » shared Alvin, 10 years old. The children were hoping to have a chance to meet him: last September, ANAK-Tnk launched a campaign called « Even us? » with thousands of letters mailed to Pope Francis.