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2015 August

Chef Jessie’s « Pope meal » for TNK!

August 22, 2015 | By |

P1040606 Filipino Chef Jessie Sincioco is a famous chief and a precious support of the foundation. When Pope Francis came in the Philippines last January, she had the opportunity to prepare meals for him. Deeply touched by his message of compassion to the most unfortunate ones, Chef Jessie decided to create the «Pope meal » from which all incomes are donated to TNK foundation.

Maraming salamat po Chef Jessie! Moreover, when we invited her to meet the children, she prepared special lunch; children enjoyed it so much! TNK’s children are deeply grateful for the sustained support of Chef Jessie.

The foundation can only survive through donations of generous benefactors, and there is no insignificant deed of love…so do not hesitate to get involved!

Fire in the slum of Puting Bato area

August 16, 2015 | By |

DSC_8089 End of July 2015: the slum of Puting bato was devastated by a terrible fire. 150 families lost everything.

Our foundation has been located there for several years with our Saint Vincent of Paul’s center: Our community workers and staffs are now responding to urgent needs and helping families affected.

You can help them by donating in kind: sacks of rice, cans of food… Thanks for your help!

Donate in the USA with tax exemption

August 14, 2015 | By |

Logo Give2AsiaSince 2014, you can now donate to ANAK-Tnk in the USA throught our partner platform Give2Asia. For many Asia charitable organizations, Give2Asia’s fiscal sponsorship offers a convenient, quick and cost-­‐effective way to accept tax-­‐deductible contributions from supporters in the United States.
Give2Asia platform can also offer Hong Kong tax deductibility to anyone in Hong Kong.

If you want to be a regular donator, you can also set up automatic payments.

Notable aspects of the ANAK-Tnk United States Fund include:
– Gifts for the ANAK-Tnk USA Fund are tax deductible.
– You will receive a thank you letter and receipt in recognition of your gift.

Donate now on our Give2Asia ANAK-Tnk page