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Jay-Jay’s wheelchair

December 10, 2015 | By |

Jay JayJay-Jay, 7 years old, is a child of our TNK’s family. He joined one of our center for children with special needs last march 2015. His irresistible wide smile spreads a great joy all around him! Due to a cerebral palsy, Jay-Jay needs a specific treatment, a physical therapy and a wheelchair perfectly adapted to his body.

Thanks to a generous donator – a whole Pilipino family who wants to remain anonymous – we were able to order a new wheelchair according to the recommendations of Jay-Jay’s doctor. After long months of waiting, Jay-Jay finally received his new wheelchair this week, just before Christmas. What a great joy for him and all TNK family! We are deeply grateful for this family’s deed.

Children with special needs, as Jay-Jay, are even more at risk on the streets of Metro Manila. Our foundation has been sheltering them since 2006 and is currently setting up professional trainings for the ones who are now adults capable of working.