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Focus on our Street Educator

August 23, 2016 | By |

StreetEd-JasonBeing a street educator is more than just an employment, it is a real vocation.

Creating with the kids a relationship based on trust requires very strong courage and patience and especially with the kids who are disabled. We meet many children everyday, they are all different and unique. New faces, new encounters. The street is our office, our daily place of work. We learn a lot from the kids, in particular how to survive in Manila’s urban jungle and how make do everyday. Our work as educators comprises two main activities. First, the Outreach which is awareness activities in the street. It consists of having two educators striding along the streets in Manila on a daily basis to meet children through games, simple conversations to get to know them better and introduce them to the Foundation. And then, the « Big Nights » which are night tours. A small team made of one educator in charge of the tour, a social worker, a voluntary worker and a driver go along the streets to collect the kids that want to join the Foundation. These are their first steps towards the Foundation and towards healing.

It is a fascinating job in which the kids teach us a lot.