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International Women’s Day 2017: from the street to their first job

March 8, 2017 | By |

For any young adult, looking for a job is not an easy task. Much more when you are a former streetchild. Facing the other, being self-confident… our young adults experience difficulties to enter the world of work. Since most of them have been in the foundation for several years, ANAK-Tnk has become their family. That’s why, as parents in a family, we want to help them become independent.

Thanks to L’Oréal Paris Philippines, a new partnership has been launched in 2016. L’Oréal has begun to offer training to our girls who want to become sales consultant in their company.

We are deeply proud of our first salesladies Maria and Dolores who completed their training and just signed their first open-ended contract.

Many thanks to L’Oréal for this great and meaningful support to the street children of Manila!

A huge step for all women here at the foundation.