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2. News in France

New elderly project!

April 17, 2017 | By |

Since several months, our street educators have reported a new phenomenon in the streets of Metro Manila. In addition to the children who are abandoned in the streets, they now meet also old people abandoned at the last stage of their life. Some of them are even dying in the streets in suffering, rejection and loneliness. This situation reveals unfortunately that human misery is growing in Manila’s streets.
As the mission of the foundation is to help the most unfortunate ones of Metro Manila, we decided to tackle this new emergency. Just as we are sheltering street children abandoned by their families, our project is to offer to those old people abandoned and dying in the streets a shelter with a family atmosphere.
Our goal is the same: to take care of the most vulnerable.

Moreover, our plan is greater than opening a shelter, the project is to recreate ‘family-links’. We think that intergenerational ties generate positive and fruitful effects in the stability of our streets children and on the well-being of old people.
By launching this new project we will offer Grandparents for our street children by bonding events and activities, together, as a family.
The new shelter for old people abandoned in the streets will be opened soon. A house dedicated to them is ready and the first Lola (grandmother) arrived from the streets few days ago in the middle of April.

Today more than ever we can say: ‘We’re all FAMILY here at ANAK-Tnk foundation!’

International Women’s Day 2017: from the street to their first job

March 8, 2017 | By |

For any young adult, looking for a job is not an easy task. Much more when you are a former streetchild. Facing the other, being self-confident… our young adults experience difficulties to enter the world of work. Since most of them have been in the foundation for several years, ANAK-Tnk has become their family. That’s why, as parents in a family, we want to help them become independent.

Thanks to L’Oréal Paris Philippines, a new partnership has been launched in 2016. L’Oréal has begun to offer training to our girls who want to become sales consultant in their company.

We are deeply proud of our first salesladies Maria and Dolores who completed their training and just signed their first open-ended contract.

Many thanks to L’Oréal for this great and meaningful support to the street children of Manila!

A huge step for all women here at the foundation.

Terrible Fire devastated
Market 3 slum

January 13, 2017 | By |

IMG_2379Last January 10th, 2017, very early morning, a terrible fire devastated Market 3, one of the slum of the port of Navotas, Manila, where ANAK-Tnk foundation is present through a day-care center for children in the middle of the slum of Market 3.
Our center is ruined.
Our beneficiaries, a part of our staff and more than a thousand of families lost everything…

We remain in the « urgency » phase:

* Families were temporarily relocated to the neighboring and fortunately covered basketball court, while waiting for an alternative solution for accomodation;
* The slum area is still being “cleared up” but a few families were allowed to move back to the site. Some of them are already re-building shanties from wood and metal parts they gathered here and there.
* ANAK-Tnk staff and Community workers on the field 24/7, helping families cope with the situation morally, analyzing their needs, collecting, packing and distributing the much-needed equipments and food.

This is all possible thanks to your overwhelming support, whether it be through donations in kind (which enable us to prepare those much needed packages) or through online donations that will help us rebuild as soon as possible. For all of this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

This is just the beginning and those families still need us all, We still need your HELP!
– by donating online (
– by donating in kind if you live in Manila (Cans of food, Sacks of Rice, Blanket, soap)

Thank you for your kind help.


Highlights ANAK-Tnk 2016!

December 29, 2016 | By |

Let’s take a look back to the highlights of the year 2016
with the children of ANAK-Tnk Foundation in Manila!

Christmas Season 2016

December 1, 2016 | By |

10157188_10208356070281619_2469204284512363939_nChristmas is a very special time: children feel even more the absence of roots and families. We try to bring a festive and joyful spirit trough this period and we offer a gift to each and every child of the foundation.

In France, in Singapore, in Switzerland, in UK and in United States, volunteers are organising symbolic actions in favour of Manila’s children. For several years now, there are various Christmas sales in London, Lausanne, Versailles, Bordeaux. Last year New Year’s Eve, volunteers invited their friends to support ANAK-Tnk placing a donation box under their Christmas tree.

In Manila, for several children living at the foundation it will be their first time celebrating this great annual Day with joy and simplicity. The Christmas party of “Street children program” will take place on December 17 in Quezon City, and then each centre will celebrate Christmas on December 25th.

Christmas season often appeals to generosity but this generosity must not just be “a way to ease our consciences”. This year let’s give a true meaning to Christmas and be generous with those who need love and attention above all.


Talk by Rev.Fr.Matthieu Dauchez in France

August 24, 2016 | By |

P1040606 Rev. Fr. Matthieu Dauchez, Executive Director of the TNK Foundation gave a talk in France on “But why is God allowing such things ?”.

A great success!

in Paris , 1400 people came to listen to the lessons of the street children of Manila, last September 29th at église St Jean Baptiste de Grenelle – 75015 Paris

in Lyon, 850 people have attended it last October 12th at église Sainte Croix – 27 rue de Condé – 69002 Lyon.

But why is God allowing such things ? This issue affects everyone without exception. Whether it be the evil, suffering, or death, each and every man is faced with this unanswered question. And when it comes to children, this thought takes a terrible dimension and highlights the “scandal of the evil” in a much more violent way. It ‘s unbearable. Many people have addressed this issue, excusing a God of goodness or rather irrevocably condemning a God that is cruel, but they have all faced an unfathomable mystery.

What if children, most innocent of victims, gave us some of the keys to this mystery ?

The conference in Paris has been fully filmed and posted on our Youtube channel                             (For french speakers)

After summer holidays … I act!

September 20, 2015 | By |


Summer holidays are behind you, it’s now time to commit yourself to an organisation for the coming months. ANAK-Tnk and its members in France, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and in USA are waiting for you to join and bring any personal help you can to the children of Manila.

Moreover, schools, parishes and associations are now preparing their annual schedules. It is still time to get in touch with them to organise an event in favour of ANAK-Tnk for Christmas 2015, Lent 2016 or to organise theatre shows, concerts, etc…

We can provide a communication kit, therefore do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in your action:

We thank you for taking time to help these children who deserve it so much!

Need help or motivation ? Click here to visit our page dedicated to personal initiatives


Heros’ Race 2014

May 22, 2015 | By |

Capture d’écran 2013-03-25 à 15.02.24

ANAK-Tnk will take part in the 2015 Edition of the Heros’ race in France (Paris and Lyon).

Last year, they were 20 runners in Paris, 8 runners in Lille and 10 runners in Lyon. Total amount of donations collected was 6800€.

Participants will try to do their best this coming June 21th in Paris (Parc de Saint Cloud) and in Lyon. The race will start at 9.00am.

13 runners registered already … What about you ? Do you want to become street children heros ?Register now on our ALVARUM secure page clicking here.