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1. News in Manila

Typhoon Haiyan strikes the center of the Philippines, but not Manila

November 10, 2013 | By |

Philippines Typhoon

Haiyan struck on Friday Nov. 8. It was one of the most violent storms ever to strike the Philippines, causing considerable damages. Some towns, like Tacloban, were wiped out. Thousands of people died and more than ten millions have been displaced… with a final tally ongoing.

The typhoon didn’t strike Manila nor the different programs of the foundation, but ANAK is without words over this overwhelming disaster. The regions of Samar and Leyte, in the center of the Philippines, have been completely devastated. Samar is the poorest part of the Philippines, and many children of the foundation were born there. Our thoughts are for all the victims of the catastrophe, who have lost everything. We warmly thank all of you for your supportive messages… The “Smiling Archipelago” mourns

Unfortunately, ANAK cannot collect donations for the victims of the typhoon. We advise you to contact the French NGO Enfants du Mékong which has been working in South-East Asia since 1958 and supports our foundation here in Manila thanks to a collective patronage. Enfants du Mékong was on site and its teams located in Cebu are working on an estimation of the damages in the various isles of the archipelago. As a non-emergency NGO, Enfants du Mékong is already preparing the second step: reconstruction and a sponsorship programme of kids.

The massive media coverage of the situation on the ground has waned but this is just the beginning for us. Within a few months, thousands of families and orphans will travel to Manila with no shelter but the townships or the streets of this huge city. Our role is key.

Click here to see images of the typhoon’s devastation

carte typhon

Terrible fire on the dumpsite

September 23, 2013 | By |

One fourth of the shanty community of Sitio Damayan (Smokey Mountain of Tondo, Manila) has been devasted by a terrible fire, during the night of September 20,2013. 250 families lost everything. Tulay ng Kabataan is present in the middle of the dumpiste (Mother Teresa center).
TNK community workers help people affected, responding to urgent needs, such as food distribution and children cares. We need your help. You can help those unfortunate people donating in kind: sacks of rice, cans of food, powder milk for infant & children cloths.
You can drop your donation in TNK main admin: 94 Kalayaan Ave., Brgy Diliman, QC or in Makati drop point: 1827 Santan Street, Dasmarinas Village.

Contact and information: 435 59 12 –

Thank you for your kind help.

15th Anniversary of the foundation

August 20, 2013 | By |


IMG_6526 RTulay ng Kabataan has celebrated its 15th Foundation Day last August 17, 2013. The feast started with the Holy Mass celebrated by H.E Archbishop Socrates B.Villegas in Edsa Shrine, during which five weddings were celebrated (3 TNK former children and 2 employees of the foundation). The 15th anniversary has followed in Pedro Poveda College with presentation numbers, videos, food and activities. Children and employees of our 4 programs shared this time together, with visitors, friends and sponsors.

Go through the event with the pictures on our Facebook page sur notre page Facebook.

ANAK-Tnk Singapore visits Manila

August 6, 2013 | By |

SGP newsletter

On 27 and 28 July, 5 members of ANAK-Tnk Singapour came to Manila to visit the Foundation. They spent a whole week-end with the foundation and could therefore better understand the kids’ life as well as our needs. After a morning in our centre on Manila’s tip, they visited some houses of the “kids of the street” programme and attended a charity dinner in favour of the foundation.

On Sunday, they had lunch with former kids of the association who could tell them their stories and how the association helped them. The group was very much moved by this visit and even more motivated when they got back to Singapour!

Dreaming of a better future …

June 11, 2013 | By |

P1090821 R

On April 21st, John Paul and Eddie Boy moved everybody who watched the report broadcast on the French TV TF1, in which they represented thousands of kids in the smoky mountain. Now that the spotlights are switched off, their precarious situation has not changed. To get out of the tip, and with the help of the foundation, John-Paul and his aunt Lorena will open a small shop. We went with them to buy their first goods at the end of May. As for Eddie Boy, he hopes the long treatment we have strated to give to his mother will cure her very soon. Eddie Boy and his little sister went back to school last June, with the brand new school supplies the foundation gave them. We hope our small actions will help their dream of a better future come true…


Leave the gangs

April 23, 2013 | By |

Children surviving in the streets of Manila are easy preys for the gangs and most of them become drug addicts and fall victims to all kinds of abuses (physical, sexual,…). They survive by begging, stealing, and prostituting themselves. In the streets of Manila, each gang has its own territory. Gangs are a scourge for street children. Those youth are modern-day slavery and their tattoos are signs of belonging. The Foundation help them recover freedom by removing their tatoos.

Thank you, Darwin …

April 1, 2013 | By |

newsletter TNK

After years of fighting against his incurable disease, Darwin, a young boy suffering from myopathy we often talked about, passed away on September 23rd, 2012. His death was a great blow and left a deep void in our lives: we miss his presence, his smile and his words that were always affectionate. Darwin taught us inspiring life lessons, which are a reflection of his short life. He is a true inspiration to all the street children for the painful but courageous experience he lived during the first years of his life in the streets of Manila. He also inspires courage to sick persons for the way he managed his illness, which he boldly called his “mission”. Most of all, Darwin reminds us with a tremendous strength, that the number of years we live is not essential; the most important thing is the intensity of love we put in each and every ordinary action of our daily life. This child did not do something meaningful in his life; he could not, his body prevented him from acting; but, in the sight of God, he gave us an insatiable heart for love.