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F. A. Q.

  • How can I help this foundation?

    You can help us by spreading the word of the foundation’s action around you to your friends, family and at your work in order to encourage them to make a donation as well as helping to organise actions for the charity. In order to do this, please follow the link to our page “Get involved”

    Furthermore, it is obvious that we need donations in order to help the needs we have in Manila: our donators have successfully believed in us for the past 15 years now. You can therefore help us by making a donation to the charity. All the donations that we received are sent to Manila in order to help them the most directly possible. A particular element of this charity is that ANAK-Tnk branches do not take any fees because each member is a volunteer and pays anything needed themselves in order to make each part of your donation useful to the cause you support and therefore goes directly to the children we help. You can do a donation by our secured website.

    In France, all donations are tax exempting of 66% on the tax sheet amount. Each donator receives 3 times a year a little newspaper that explains the life of the foundation and the actions encountered thanks to your donations.

  • Can I do a monthly transaction?

    If you live in France the only thing to do is to download the “Coupon Virement Mensuel”, then you just need to follow the procedure, which you will complete with your bank.The next stage of your procedure would be to send to ANAK-Tnk the second coupon in order to make the link easier with the sender of the donation and be able to give you a tax receipt. In the case of a monthly transaction, you will only receive one receipt (in the beginning of the next year).

    If you belong to any other country ( Switzerland, Singapore, UK, USA), thank you for contacting the responsible members of ANAK-Tnk in your district.

  • Can I be sure that my donation is well used?

    Our most fundamental principles are the transparency of the donations we receive and the total volunteering of all the members of the foundation in order to say that 100% of your donation goes directly to Manila to help the children. Any fees concerned would be covered by the volunteers’ personnel donations and an official Board of Auditors certifies the accounts every year.

    In Manila, in order for you to have an idea, the annual spending per child would be around 500€/year (according to their situation: child living in the slums, in the streets or in the dumpsite. This means that with what would be the equivalent of 1,40€/day (barely more than the price of our daily bread), or 40€/month you can actually help a child and change his life.

  • Can I be a volunteer on-site?

    We never take short-term volunteers in Manila, the shortest period that a volunteer could go there is for 2 years minimum because it is very important to be implicated on a long-term basis. We very quickly realised that for the children’s wellbeing it was important to limit the short-term volunteer that may well destabilise them. Furthermore, the nutshell of the team is composed of professional Filipinos. Our few volunteers are sent by MEP or FIDESCO, our two links. Please feel free to take contact with any of these two organisations.

  • Is it possible to parent a child on an individual basis?

    The help of the foundation is a collective help to all the children and families of the foundation. Donations given to the organisation are 100% used for children and families. The organisation and its locations in the slums and on the dump offer to the children a program for nutrition, medical check and education with afterschool help and nursery classes. The foundation centres all programs and activities on helping the children towards a social rehabilitation and finding their autonomy. This is the result of many years being in the heart of the slums and in the roads of Manila and of the result of responding to urgent needs quickly.
    This organisation has always worked this way and the instability of children n-site (relocating, migration, lose of a job, returning to their family or in their region) don’t allow us today to install and individual parentage. Finally, in order for you to have an idea, the annual spending per child would be around 500€/year (according to their situation: child living in the slums, in the streets or in the dumpsite. This means that with what would be the equivalent of 1,40€/day (barely more than the price of our daily bread), or 40€/month you can actually help a child and change his life.

  • Does the organisation allow the adoption of children?

    Filipinos are very strict concerning child adoption and only a few locations open by the Minister of social affairs are today approved. Currently there is a wish from the government to change these regulations and extend the process of adoption to Non-governmental organisations like ours. This process has started but it may take years before everything can be accepted.

  • Can I welcome a child during the holidays?

    Concerning the welcoming of a child in another country than the Philippines, this would not be good for the wellbeing of the child which would then be cut away from it’s location and family. The contrast would also be even bigger considering that the child would probably not understand why he is sent away so brutally and only for the short-term.

  • Can I send any in-kind donation?

    All products that the foundation need can be found in manila for prices that are equivalent or inferior to those that can be found abroad. It wouldn’t be recommended to send these donations, as the price of the transport by airmail would be to your charge to Manila (we cannot make the transport ourselves). This would therefore be more expensive for you than to do a normal donation, which would allow the foundation to buy products on-site.

    If by any chance you would have the possibility to get these products sent for free to the organisations location in Manila, here are a list of products that the foundation need every month:

    Medication similar to Paracetamol, vitamins and Betadine.
    Hygiene products like soap and tooth-paste.
    Non-perishable food: rice, pasta, cans (sardines, tuna, beef “corned beef”…)

    Concerning the school supplies, le printing not being the same concerning notebooks for example, here is the list of supplies that would be compatible with their school system in the Philippines:

    Black, red, blue and green pens
    Boxes of glitter
    Felt tip pens black, blue, black(thin)
    Pastel crayons
    Cellar tape and glue in bottles
    Play dough
    Mathematical compasses

    Here is the address to which you can bring your donations:

    Tulay ng Kabataan Foundation
    94 Kalayaan Avenue – Diliman
    Quezon City – 1100 Metro Manila