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Our missions in Manila

The Foundation :

ANAK-Tnk Foundation (Tulay ng Kabataan) was founded in 1998. Its mission is to serve the poorest children in Metro Manila.
Nowadays, the Foundation is directed by Father Matthew Dauchez (Executive Director), assisted by Gloria Recio (Deputy Executive Director), and a team of 120 Filipino professional workers (street educators, psychologists, nurses…), 40 volunteer mothers in the slums and 6 foreign volunteers.
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Street children program:

220 children – 15 shelters

Cut from their family, thousands of children are surviving alone on the streets of Manila by begging, stealing or prostitution. The Foundation has a complete rehabilitation program for them.

Street children with special needs:

55 children and youth – 3 centers – 2 workshops

Children with disabilities are even more at risk on the streets. The foundation shelters them since 2006 and is opening professional trainings for adults capable of working.

Children in slums program :

800 children – 7 centers

Millions of people live in great poverty in the slums of Metro Manila. Health, nutrition and education of children under 6 are the priorities of the Foundation.

Scavenger children program :

290 children – 2 centres in the slum of Tondo

Hundreds of people look for their daily needs near Manila’s dumpsite. The Foundation has built a centre in the midst of it where education, nutrition and health programs are put into place.