Our story.

ANAK-Tnk was founded in 1998 to support Manila’s most unfortunate children: those living in extreme poverty in the streets and in the slums of the capital city of the Philippines.
The foundation is run by Executive Director Father Matthieu Dauchez and Ms. Gloria Recio alongside a multidisciplinary team of local professionals, and supported outside the Philippines by branches operating on all continents under the supervision of Mr. Pascal Breton.

Our mission: to bring back the smiles and dignity to Manila’s most unfortunate children.

Our priorities.

Since 1998, we have helped the most unfortunate children get off the streets and out of the slums of Manila by reaching out to them and catering to their basic needs (shelter, education, nutrition and health).

  • Nutrition

One out of ten children is malnourished and one out of three suffers from growth retardation.
We provide children with balanced meals daily and we train local communities to raise awareness on nutrition issues.

  • Education

In the Philippines, one out of ten children does not receive any education.
We enable and support the education of every child, from the moment he joins the foundation until he becomes independent.

  • Health

40% of the urban population lives in conditions of extreme poverty.
We cater to the medical needs of every child of the foundation and we train local communities to integrate basic health and hygiene concepts.

  • Protection

Drugs, violence, rape, prostitution: children are always the first victims.
We support children in need with psychological and legal help, based on our Child Prevention and Protection Chart